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Fields Of Experties

Political Opinion:

You can seek protection because of your political opinion in your own country


Asylum based on religion is the fear of being persecuted by the government of your country based upon your religious beliefs.


You can apply for asylum based on race to the USCIS if you have a sensible fear of persecution and feel physically, economically, or psychologically harmed.


Asylum based on nationality can often be tied to one’s political opinions, religious beliefs, racial background, and other values or cultural distinctions. Providing eligibility is a complex process. Therefore, it would be best to consult an experienced immigration attorney before applying.

Particular Social Group

A social group is composed of people with similar backgrounds, social statuses, lineages, experiences, or habits. You are eligible for asylum based on membership if your social group is based on an unchanging characteristic, socially visible, defined in manner, and recognized in society as an individual.

One Child Policy- People Republic China (PRC)

You may qualify for the one child policy asylum based on your fear of persecution because of the non-attachment to the one child policy in china.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBT)

LGBT asylum is the well-founded fear of persecution in your home country due to your sexual orientation. In order to establish your eligibility, you must provide a detailed written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation about your experiences in your home country, news articles detailing stories of members of the LGBT community being persecuted in your country, and threats.

Firm Resettlement

You can seek protection from persecution if your firm resettlement has occurred prior to your admission or arrival to the US and you must have received an offer of permanent resident status, citizenship, or other type of permanent resettlement from that country.


Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a temporary immigration status to the US, granted to eligible nationals of designated countries. If granted a TPS beneficiaries may remain in the US, and may obtain work, be granted a travel permit, and cannot be deported from the US.