Criminal Defense Law


Criminal Defense Law

MHM's criminal defense attorneys have the background, experience, and strategies to provide the type of defense that is necessary to protect the rights of anyone experiencing criminal charges. From cases such as drug trafficking, DUI, and sex crimes to murder charges, we bring professionalism and experience to the courtroom.

We are willing to fight for and protect your rights when your case goes to trial. Some defense firms tend to avoid trial in favor of negotiating plea bargains. These firms can tend to be offered plea bargains that are less than ideal. MHM's goal is to always achieve the best possible result for each client.

Criminal Cases

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Criminal Defense Law

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  • Drug Crimes

    If you've been charged with a drug crime, you might be confused about how to protect yourself and what your rights are. Reach out to MHM today to learn how we can help.

  • Theft Crimes

    Whether you've been charged with deception, fraud, or the physical action of stealing items from another person or company, MHM can help.

  • Traffic Violations

    MHM offers representation for a vast array of traffic offenses such as DUI's, hit and run incidents, and even minor traffic tickets.