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Get help from the trained criminal defense lawyer at MHM Law Group, APLC to wipe off criminal records. Learn more.

Your criminal record can be the most devastating part of an arrest or conviction. The record is open to the public and even if you have been acquitted of all charges, the record can go against you when you look for employment, file an application for a house and much more. The blip of the charges can hound you for the rest of your life—unless you have it expunged with the help of an MHM Law Group, APLC criminal defense lawyer. Depending on the nature of your case or cases on your record, you can have them wiped clean, removing it from the view of the common public.

Previously, expunging criminal records was easier. However, laws have been revised and today you need to present your case in a court. The judge will be the sole authority to decide whether your record must be expunged or not, and having a professional MHM Law Group, APLC criminal defense attorney on your side can make the difference between successfully clearing your record and having your case dismissed due to a poor defense.

With your records expunged, you are legally applicable to say that you have never been convicted of any felony. However, getting your records expunged depends upon the type of criminal charges that you had been convicted of, and the sentence that was imposed, among other factors. Your expungement attorney from MHM Law group, APLC would be able to guide you better and make a good defense strategy for you.

Another type of expungement is sealing arrest records. According to the California Penal Code 851.8, we are allowed to petition appropriate agencies to get arrest records sealed for good. So if you have been arrested for a crime which you have never been convicted of, you can have these records officially sealed and destroyed. MHM Law Group, APLC specializes in clearing records. We are well versed with the laws that govern the sealing of records and ensure that every measure is taken to have your records sealed from the public and court successfully.

The details of being arrested and/or convicted can prove to be permanent blemishes on your record, which can be seen by potential landlords, banks and even educational institutions if they conduct a background check on you. Moreover, your right to vote maybe snatched away from you, your route to receiving professional licenses barred and you may not be able to move on with your life. Our law firm has a proven track record of dealing with expungement and sealing arrest record cases. If you want to get your record clean, please reach out to MHM Law Group, APLC. It is time you move on with your life with a clean slate. Call us today at (800) 360-3038 and we can help you.