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Traffic Violations/Suspended license

Our criminal defense lawyer at MHM Law Group, APLC can represent you for your suspended/ unlicensed driver defense. Learn more.

In order to regulate safety on the road, all drivers are required to have a driving license. This is issued to only those who have proved their expertise with the vehicle and demonstrated their ability to be responsible drivers. However, a single mistake can also lead to suspension or revoking of the license. Driving in this case, or without a driver’s license can lead to long-term consequences. And if someone is accused of this charge, an experienced MHM Law Group, APLC traffic attorney can review the situation at hand.

In California, driving without a license is no small violation. It can lead to serious penalties depending on the nature of the offense. There may be several reasons why a driver could be driving without a license. Often, the driver may have been issued a driving license but may not have it at hand at the time of driving. In this case, they can simply take the invaluable aid of an MHM Law Group, APLC lawyer who can present your driver’s license to the court and have your case dismissed. Other cases are not so easy to handle. When the driver may also not have applied for a driver’s license from the DMV at all, or they may have their license suspended or revoked. The initial outcome may seem to be the same for both suspended and revoked licenses, but legally, they have a difference.

A driving license is suspended when a driver is stripped off of the privilege of driving due to the accumulation of driving violation points, refusal of taking a breath or chemical test, or being unable to provide insurance information. A revoked license, on the other hand, refers to more serious charges, like hit-and-runs and DUIs. And once a license is revoked, getting it back is more difficult than after a suspension as a waiting period is warranted before an application can be filed for the reinstatement of the license. In any of the cases, having an MHM Law Group, APLC criminal defense attorney specializing in traffic violations will work tirelessly to get to the best possible solution, making their presence invaluable to you.

The penalties for these charges include hefty fines up to a thousand dollars, jail time up to 6 months, and a criminal record that usually interferes with good employment opportunities and other financial transactions. It is important to understand how serious the consequences of these charges can be. If convicted, it can result in an irrevocable damage to the reputation. If you or a loved one has been accused of these charges, our driving crimes defense attorney would be able to figure out the best strategy for your defense and either have your charges dismissed completely or reduced, as per the situation and the severity of the charges accused of. Call us today at (800) 360-3038.