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Train and Bus

Train and bus accidents are often the cause of serious injuries and personal loss. Personal injury lawyer from MHM Law Group, APLC can help you recover full and fair compensation.

The impact of collisions with large vehicles like trains and buses are on a massive scale, and the injuries caused by them are often serious, with some leading to death. If you or your loved one is the victim of a train or bus related accident, you have the full right to seek compensation for your suffering and loss. At MHM Law Group, APLC our personal injury lawyer specializes in train and bus accident cases is highly experienced and knowledgeable, and has a proven track record of helping the victims receive full and fair compensation.

According to the NHTSA, a person or a vehicle is hit by a train in approximately every three hours, and up to a hundred pedestrians are hit by a bus each year in the United States. These dire statistics prove the gravity of the accident situation in the country. And for people who have been severely injured or those who have lost their loved ones during an accident, legal recourse for obtaining compensation is applicable. You can contact a lawyer from MHM Law Group, APLC for legal advice and help. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will fight aggressively for your rights.

The life after suffering a serious injury from either a train or bus collision is not easy. One may have to be dependent on medical devices for life, and/or may require recurring therapies and medications. Additionally, these injuries and physical hindrances may result in the loss of wages and other financial hardships for the victim. In this case, sifting through the legal process to ensure that the compensation is obtained is emotionally exhausting. Another factor that adds to the difficulty of the legal process to reimburse losses is the fact that, after an accident, the window of time available to take legal action is a very narrow. MHM Law Group, APLC understands how the filing process works within the state of California, and can respond promptly to your needs.

Although buses and trains are a safe mode of transportation, the accidents involving them can cause injuries that include amputation, broken, fractured and dislocated bones, cosmetic disfigurement, lacerations and abrasions, neck and back injuries, brain and head injuries, whiplash and death. In many cases related to train and bus accidents, the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance may not cover the damages sufficiently. However, an experienced personal injury attorney can build a strong case for you and help you receive partial or full compensation for your suffering. The lawyer at MH Law Group, APLC will provide you with the support you need in these troubling times.

Whether the train/ bus accident was caused due to the driver’s inattention (whether or not due to intoxication), poor vehicle maintenance, dangerous spills or collisions, contact an experienced professional to recover your losses and damages. MHM Law Group, APLC is here to help you do that. If you or someone you love has been involved in a train or bus accident, don’t hesitate to consult with us. Every case is different, and we can assess yours and dip into the reserves of our experience to find out the best route to help you receive fair compensation.