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Uninsured and Under insured Motorist Claim

What happens if the driver at-fault does not have insurance, or not enough insurance to cover your damages? You need to make an uninsured/ under insured motorist claim. 

There are many cases where you are the victim in an accident and perpetrator does not own insurance or is underinsured for the damages that occurred. In this case, it is essential that you act quickly and file an uninsured motorist claim. And to ensure that the right procedure is followed in your best interests, you need to have MHM Law Group, APLC lawyer by your side.

The purpose of uninsured/underinsured motorist claims is to ensure that you are not left at the short end of the stick. At the time of the car accident, it is vital that you exchange names and insurance details with all the drivers involved. You can find then and there if the at-fault driver has insurance to pay you back the amount or not. If they don’t, it usually means that they won’t have the money to fully compensate your damages. In this situation, the uninsured motorist claims would allow you to pay for your medical bills, property damages and other out-of-pocket-costs on your own auto policy. The case is different if the driver at-fault is underinsured. You may know the limit of their insurance, but not have any idea what your damages would amount to be. In both cases of uninsured or underinsured claims, you need the help of a reliable MHM Law Group, APLC lawyer to assess the situation and work on the best possible solution.

While it is necessary to have an experienced MHM Law Group, APLC personal injury lawyer by your side in any accident case, there are more reasons to hire them in the case of uninsured or underinsured claims. For one, the time window to make such claims is limited, and sometimes, the policy holder receives as little as 30 days to make the claim. In addition to this, there is a limit to the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. As a general rule of thumb, you cannot receive coverage more than you have for your mown liability. This limitation protects insurance companies from people choosing high uninsured/underinsured motorist provisions and low personal liabilities. Insurance companies are well known to be stingy, and they often make in-depth investigations about the nature of your injuries in the accident, the medical treatment you need to receive, etc. A thorough investigation is understandable, however, if your insurance company takes an adversarial approach to your claim, then they may be acting in bad faith.

In this situation, they have violated their duty to handle your case in good faith.

No matter what the case may be, it is essential that you have the best of the best at your side when you are involved in such a complicated case. The MHM Law Group, APLC lawyer has experienced in dealing with insurance companies and can help you like they have assisted numerous others like you.