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We assist families, individuals, small businesses, and major corporations when it comes to offering effective solutions for the wide variety of immigration issues in the United States. Immigration law can be very complex and confusing. Finding your way through the system can be difficult. Let MHM Law Group take the confusion out of the process.

If you are searching for help with naturalization, family-based immigration, visas for business travel, or employment-based permanent residence, we are experienced and ready to walk you through the process toward a favorable outcome.


Political Opinion: You can seek protection because of your political opinion in your own country Religion Asylum based on religion is the fear of being persecuted by the government of your country based upon your religious beliefs. Race You can…

Citizenship and Naturalization

US Citizenship through Citizen Parents You may obtain citizenship through US citizen parents at birth or after birth but before the age of 18. Naturalization Citizenship through Naturalization is the process by which US citizenship is granted to a foreign…

Family Immigration

Marriage Green card through marriage to a US citizen is usually the fastest way to become a permanent resident. There are also no restrictions on the number of people who can obtain a green card through marriage to a US…

Employment Immigration

Employment Base People may obtain green cards through employment. PERM PERM is a Labor certification in which it is earned by an employer who wishes to sponsor a foreign worker for a green card. In order to receive a PERM…

Temporary Visas

Diplomats (A Visa) Diplomats and foreign government officials can apply for the either the A-1 of A-2 visa. A-1 Visa is non-immigrant Visa which allows travel to the United States for ambassadors, ministers, diplomats, and officers. A-2 Visa allows travel…

Victim of Crime/Violence

Crime Victims (U Visa) U Visa are for foreign-born persons who have convicted a crime, and suffered physical or mental abuse. Crime victims who want U Visa have to be willing to help a law enforcement agency in investigating the…

Criminal Deportation & Removal Proceedings

Adjustment of Status Adjustment of status (“AOS”) is a procedure that allows an eligible applicant to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States without having to go to a foreign country and apply for an immigrant visa. Asylum…


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