The MHM Law Group is a skilled and experienced full-service law firm based in Southern California that aims to deliver the highest quality legal services to both national and international clients. With 50 years of experience, we have been representing corporate and individual clients from all across the world, including high net worth foreign national investors, Corporate Clients in regards to EB-5 Permanent Residency Card, and E-2 investment visas.  

Our attorneys understand that each legal matter and client’s goals are unique, and warrant custom solutions. We have the reserves of knowledge and experience to partner with our clients and businesses to develop a profitable strategy and counsel on the best possible solutions in their specific case. Our holistic approach prompts us to fully understand your legal objectives before suggesting a solution. As such, we tailor the representation to ensure that the results you need are achieved quickly and effectively.

The MHM Law Group also holds extensive experience in Personal Injury. Personal injury accidents can result in physical, emotional and financial troubles for the victims, who are hounded by insurance companies for quick settlements, which often do not cover the total cost of the damages incurred. Our personal injury lawyers have prior experience handling such cases and fight aggressively for the rights of the victim, both directly with the insurance company in question, or in court, if fair settlement cannot be negotiated. 

Our expertise in Criminal Law and Traffic Ticket violations allow us to ensure that the “innocent until proven guilty” legal standard is always upheld. These cases are often sensitive, and our attorneys investigate it meticulously and prepare a strong defense strategy for the client. Our defense lawyers cater to a wide range of charges including DUI and other traffic crimes, white collar crimes, drug charges, juvenile offenses, immigration consequences, theft charges and violent crimes.

The MHM Law Group has been providing honest and detail oriented services for several years. We will offer you our services in navigating through the complex legal system and find solutions for you. If you are involved in a legal issue, it is imperative that you reach out to a professional and reliable law firm that will assist you at each step of the process.

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