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Employment Immigration

Employment Base

People may obtain green cards through employment.


PERM is a Labor certification in which it is earned by an employer who wishes to sponsor a foreign worker for a green card. In order to receive a PERM there is a process in which the employer has to complete. This process requires the employer to publicize advertisements for the prospective job through different sources, and requires submitting forms to the DOL and the USCIS.

Extraordinary Ability

Persons of extraordinary ability (EB-1) must be coming to the US in order to continue work in the area of sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. Such persons must be able to demonstrate the ability through sustained national or international acclaim.

Professors Researchers

In order to obtain permanent residence in the US without having to endure the PERM process, a professor or researcher must be recognized as outstanding in his or her academic area and must meet certain requirements.

Executives Managers

For starters, multinational executives and managers are free from the PERM requirement.


You may be eligible for a national interest waiver if your employment is in the “national interest”.

Exceptional Ability

Persons of exceptional ability must have a job offer from a US employer to provide services in sciences, arts, professions, or business and must benefit the national economy, cultural or educational interest, or welfare of the US.

Religious Workers

You may be eligible for a religious workers green card if you have been working continuously for two years prior to filing the immigrant petition, have been a two year member for a bona fide non-profit religious group, and seek to enter the US simply to carry out such religious occupation of the employer’s religious group.

EB-5 Investments

You are granted an EB5 investor green card if you invest $1 million in a new commercial enterprise and create 10 jobs for US workers.